Bruce Knutson, Chairman, is the Navigators City Director for Minneapolis/ ST. Paul, a position he has held since 2003.  He and his wife, Cindy have been working with the Navigators, full-time, since 1977.  They have led campus ministries at: Eastern Illinois University, 1977-1983, Carleton College: 1990-2000, and the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus: 1992-2002.  They have also led 20’s Generation Ministries in Chicago, 1983-1987 and in Minneapolis/St. Paul from 1995-2008.  Bruce and Cindy have three grown and married children and five grandchildren.  Their life verse and promise for ministry is:  Isaiah 60:22 – “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation.  I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.”

Trish Stromme has been the Event Planner and Administrative Support for the Twin Cities Navigator Team for the past 10 years.  Trish met The Navigators in college and they were a tremendous help in her walk with Christ.  She graduated and moved to Wisconsin.  During that time Bruce Knutson and the 20's Mission in the Twin Cities had its first gathering of 20's in Northfield, MN.  Trish asked Bruce for some advice over dinner about work.  About 2 months after that gathering Bruce called her and offered her the position she is currently in.  God works in mysterious ways!  Trish has a heart to be a "great help to many people" (Romans 16:2).   Trish and her husband Jon have 3 kids and a black lab named Lucy.

Dick and Ruthanne Swenson, passionate about this Great Commission of Jesus, and long-time affiliates with The Navigators, have, with a board of fellow-laborers, put together a format of materials to be used for the personal lives and the equipping of FIELD HANDS with a like heart to reach their world.
Dick, a retired Navy 20-year career man, factory head, Bass-Pro shop owner, realtor, Fisher of Men chaplain, etc., has never lost his passion to “reach the world for the sake of the Kingdom”, nor has Ruthanne, his wife of 55 years, with almost 50 years of teaching kindergarten and other pursuits in the field of early childhood education.  They are the parents of three, grandparents of 14, and great-grandparents of one – all very much a part of their lives.

Jim Petersen is an associate to the general director of The Navigators. In 1963, he and his family moved to Brazil to pioneer the Navigator ministry in that country. Teamed with another couple, Ken and Carol Lottis, they began with university students. They introduced Christ to them and then continued to disciple and mentor them after they graduated and moved across the country in pursuit of their careers. This, in time, resulted in a movement that has expanded and continues to grow in many cities across Brazil and into other countries. In 1986 Jim and his family moved to Colorado Springs where he served on the International Executive Team of The Navigators.
In those years, from 1986 – 2000, Jim coached ministry teams in the Middle East, Europe, Eurasia, Asia and Africa, as well as in Latin America. Through living and ministering in many cultures, Jim has acquired a wealth of experience in reaching and discipling people who are outside the Christian context. He shares what he has learned in his books Living Proof, Church Without Walls, Lifestyle Discipleship, The Insider (co-authored by Mike Shamy) and More Than Me (co-authored by Glenn McMahan and Dr. David Russ). Jim has four children; Michelle McMahan, Todd Petersen, Raquel Seal and Rochelle Raimao. He currently lives in Colorado Springs where he continues to pursue his calling to make Christ known.

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Field Hands

George Kenworthy is a highly accomplished management professional with 20 years of experience in a variety of positions. George grew up in a Christian family, but in his early twenties withdrew from the faith. As he studied various religions, philosophies, and worldviews, he came to trust in Christ and build his life on a biblical worldview. He later traveled to Mongolia to minister among the unreached where he served on the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce, consults with the State Department and completed his PhD and EdD.  He worked as Operations Director of Reach Global, and in 2010 was awarded the Mongolian Humanitarian of the Year award and in 2013 the Entrepreneur of the Year award. George and his wife Terri have two children.

Meet the Board

Dennis Frahm and his wife, Jeanette, work with NavNeighbors, a ministry initiative of The Navigators, in the Northfield, MN, community.  Their desire is to join the Lord as He transforms both individuals and communities.  Their small groups focus on godly personal relationships, life recovery from addictions, and living as God’s messengers of the Good News and His Kingdom.  As messengers, they encourage every believer to learn how to be Good News before they share it.  In 2015 Jeanette graduated as a Certified Life Coach.  She serves to encourage many women and single moms with new direction for life alongside local women’s centers and churches.  NavNeighbors seek to equip everyday people, right where they are, to reach out to their friends, family, and neighbors with the Gospel message.

Lee Danielson is the founder and former CEO of Protec Design, a specialty electrical business in Plymouth, Minnesota, in which he did electrical contracting for over 40 years, and which now has expanded over the  state of Minnesota and the upper Midwest.   He has been the Minnesota director of Fishers of Men, a national faith-based fishing tournament organization, for seven years, the Director of Outreach for Wayzata Free church in which there has been significant growth both in local and global mission outreach endeavors, as well as a member of and chairman of the board of elders at Wayzata Free.  Although brought up in a Christian home, he came to faith as young adult, and has worked with and discipled young adults throughout  his life because of his passion to see them give themselves to that which counts for eternity, and fulfill their calling to the Great Commission of Christ.  He lives in Plymouth with his wife, Nancy, and enjoys life as well, with the families of his three children and seven grandchildren, fishing whenever possible and contributing to the work of Netmenders Organization as they  come to the aid and service of outpost churches and ministries on the Texas/Mexican borders during the winter months.

FIELD HANDS is a ministry of empowering, equipping, and enabling followers of Jesus to reach people in their own worlds with the life-changing power of the Gospel, and the raising up of more of the laborers of which Jesus spoke for the Kingdom of God.